Our designers at Ghostly Productions are continuously creating new custom items. Take a look at some recent ones below and don’t forget to head over to the Shop page if you wish to purchase one of these items. In addition to originals, we also offer re-hauls to any mass produced mask that is featured. Message us for more details about this service.

Zombie Mask

This is a custom mask, sculpted by one of our own Ghostly Productions artists. This mask is sure to scare every one you meet!

Resin Ghost Figure

These resin ghosts are made right here at Ghostly Productions. This originated as a ground up sculpture that was sculpted, molded, and is now produced in house. These resin ghosts are offered in custom paint jobs and light up options. These are made to order so please be patient with your order.

Plague Doctor Mask

This mask was hand-made by our own artist at Ghostly Productions.

I’m Your Boyfriend Now Nancy

Sculpted by hand by one of our Ghostly Production artists. Includes a functional 1980s AT&T trim line phone.

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